Known Bugs List Calculate Linux 10.x

The table below contains the most important errors in the distributions and their solutions. To deal with most of them you will need access to the Internet.

Use the Issues section if you want to inform us about problems or to suggest a solution.

Distro Bug Solution
all 10.9 The installation program does not see the HDD.
Remove the floppy device:
rm /dev/fd0
CLD 10.4 Printing fails in KDE.
Update the overlay;
Reinstall the net-print/cups and net-print/hplip packages:
layman -s calculate
emerge net-print/cups net-print/hplip
CDS 10.2-10.4 At system booting, services required by LDAP sometimes start before LDAP and do not work properly.
Update the overlay;
Reinstall the net-nds/openldap package:
layman -s calculate
emerge net-nds/openldap
CDS 10.2
A user profile can not be transferred between the replication servers, the user directory cannot be created on another replication server.

Install calculate-server >= 2.1.8;
Update the Samba service configuration:
layman -s calculate
emerge calculate-server
cl-update samba
all 10.2
Impossible to boot after update to version 10.2 if there are hard drives with IDE and SATA interfaces.
Use the following intallation option:
calculate --set-uuid=on
Moreover, the problem is described here.
CLD 10.2 i686 System Settings » Printer Configuration returns:
The service 'Printer Configuration' does not provide an interface 'KCModule' with keyword 'system-config-printer-kde/' The factory does not support creating components of the specified type. pic. 1
Reinstall the pykde4 package:
emerge -g kde-base/pykde4
all 10.0 i686 The system can use no more than 1 GB of RAM. Install the calculate-sources kernel:
layman -S
emerge calculate-sources
module-rebuild -X rebuild
Thank you!