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116 FeatureClosedNormalCould you add sys-apps/pcmciautils package to allow work with pcimca modems and Serial cards (it continue of #114 Feature)Alexander Tratsevskiy02/09/2010 11:03 am
114 FeatureClosedNormalPlease enable CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CS as module in the kernel config.Mikhail Hiretsky02/04/2010 09:22 am
108 BugClosedNormalIcons in KDE isn't displayed for folder on samba resources.Mikhail Hiretsky02/01/2010 04:29 pm
107 BugClosedNormalBoot in LiveCD in RAM mode is failedMikhail Hiretsky02/01/2010 04:27 pm
103 BugClosedUrgentebuild calculate-sources hung after complete genkernelMikhail Hiretsky02/01/2010 04:09 pm
100 SupportClosedNormalAdd the move Scheduler when the system is installedAlexander Tratsevskiy02/01/2010 04:05 pm
96 BugClosedNormalcl-builder failture if kernel symbol CONFIG_LOCALVERSION presendMikhail Hiretsky02/03/2010 11:19 am
95 SupportClosedNormalSDHCI support on PCI bus (Ricoh MMC Controller on calculate-sources) not work without this options02/14/2010 01:52 am
90 BugClosedNormalFix the appearance of Firefox browser with style KDE4 oxygen.Mikhail Hiretsky02/10/2010 10:39 am
87 FeatureClosedNormalReplace dolphin video thumbnailerAlexander Tratsevskiy02/09/2010 11:40 am
75 BugClosedNormal/usr/calculate/install/profile/CLD/etc/env.d/90xsessionAlexander Tratsevskiy01/26/2010 07:37 pm
72 FeatureClosedNormal[KERNEL] "CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR=y" should be "CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR=m"Mikhail Hiretsky01/25/2010 06:24 pm
71 BugClosedHighThere is an uncertainty concerning IPv6Mikhail Hiretsky01/25/2010 06:25 pm
67 BugClosedNormalBad Mainfest file calculate/www-plugins/adblock-mozilla-pluginAlexander Tratsevskiy01/16/2010 11:25 pm
51 FeatureClosedLowBuild gutenprint with USE += "gipm"01/15/2010 09:57 am
47 SupportClosedNormalAdd support UNetbootinMikhail Hiretsky02/01/2010 04:32 pm
41 BugClosedNormalUnable to install CLD in VMwareAlexander Tratsevskiy02/10/2010 05:29 pm
34 SupportClosedNormalAdd support load from HDD when you starting livecd02/14/2010 01:54 am
18 SupportClosedNormalAdd support Canon PIXMA iP2600Alexander Tratsevskiy01/15/2010 09:57 am
15 SupportClosedNormalPlease add a kernel module for Ricoh controllersAlexander Tratsevskiy02/09/2010 11:25 am
10 FeatureClosedNormalNo any DjVu viewer in CLDXAlexander Tratsevskiy02/12/2010 09:25 am
8 FeatureClosedNormalNew ebuild for binary kernel desktop and server two architectures.Mikhail Hiretsky01/26/2010 07:38 pm

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