Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

  • The Laptop path exception was added for server synchronization.
  • A new variable, cl_sync_moved_set was added for setting off the domain user files transfer into Home/Moved.
  • Remote access to a domain user account is well protected by a password.
  • Domain mounting points restored correctly after leaving system suspend.
  • Network latency increased for adding domain sources.
  • Domain settings applied correctly when adding user paths.
Administration tasks:
  • User setup as run at installation time was fixed.
  • The Grub password can be modified.
  • You can edit local certificates.
  • You must redefine the guest password when installing Calculate.
  • Cl-password can be run without admin privileges.
System login and user profiles:
  • User directories creation fixed for installation time.
  • Xautologin script fixed.
  • Domain user session login fixed.
  • Profile user encryption fixed.
  • User profile configuration fixed for LiveCD sessions.
  • NVMe drives are now detected correctly.
  • You can install Calculate on a Btrfs-formatted DOS partition.
  • The UEFI boot record will not be rewritten if no parameters were changed.
  • User group selection at installation time was fixed.
  • Calculate can be once again installed from a LiveCD on a USB Flash drive volume.
  • When installing Calculate, the ini.env file will be called for correctly from the system profile.
  • Clt templates settings are modified via cl-update without any problem.
  • Conditionals handled as they should be.
  • The wallpaper function now runs correctly when used in chroot environment.
  • The splashutils and grub packages optimized for configuration after theme setup.
Template formats:
  • The ‘backgrounds’ format was fixed and optimized.
  • We also fixed the ‘mirror’ option for format=backgrounds.
  • The ‘bind’ format is handled correctly now as well.
System building:
  • Building LXC containers is supported now.


Thank you!