Add support for the WebKit HTML rendering/layout engine
Name Category Description
kexi app-office Visual database applications creator
kicad sci-electronics Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools
kmarkdownwebview kde-misc KPart for rendering Markdown content
kmymoney app-office Personal finance manager based on KDE Frameworks
kreport dev-libs Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats
kvirc net-irc Advanced IRC Client
lc-poshuku app-leechcraft Poshuku, the full-featured web browser plugin for LeechCraft
libproxy net-libs Library for automatic proxy configuration management
marble kde-apps Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth
openscenegraph-qt dev-games Qt support for OpenSceneGraph
otter www-client Project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5
psi net-im Qt XMPP client
PyQt5 dev-python Python bindings for the Qt framework
PythonQt dev-python A dynamic Python binding for the Qt framework
qgis sci-geosciences User friendly Geographic Information System
qthelp dev-qt Qt5 module for integrating online documentation into applications
QtPy dev-python Abstraction layer for PyQt5/PySide
quassel net-irc Qt/KDE IRC client supporting a remote daemon for 24/7 connectivity
qutebrowser www-client A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine
recoll app-misc A personal full text search package

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