Build with Python 3.7
Name Category Description
vobject dev-python Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files
voikko-fi dev-libs Finnish dictionary for libvoikko based spell checkers (vvfst format)
volume_key dev-libs Library for manipulating and storing storage volume encryption keys
voluptuous dev-python A Python data validation library.
voom app-vim vim plugin: emulates a two-pane text outliner
votrify app-misc Tool for community verification of Gentoo elections
waitress dev-python A pure-Python WSGI server
wand dev-python Ctypes-based simple ImageMagick binding for Python
wapiti net-analyzer Web-application vulnerability scanner
warlock dev-python Python object model built on JSON schema and JSON patch
watchdog dev-python Python API and shell utilities to monitor file system events
wcwidth dev-python Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes
weasyprint dev-python Visual rendering engine for HTML and CSS that can export to PDF
webapp-config app-admin Gentoo's installer for web-based applications
webassets dev-python Asset management for Python web development
webcolors dev-python Color names and value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications
webencodings dev-python Character encoding aliases for legacy web content
webob dev-python WSGI request and response object
websocket-client dev-python WebSocket client for python with hybi13 support
websockets dev-python Library for building WebSocket servers and clients in Python

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