Build with Python 3.7
Name Category Description
vcsi media-video Create thumbnail sheets from video files
vcstools dev-python Python library for interacting with various VCS systems
vcversioner dev-python Use version control tags to discover version numbers
vdf dev-python A module for (de)serialization to and from VDF, Valve's key-value text format
vdirsyncer dev-python Synchronize calendars and contacts
verboselogs dev-python Verbose logging for Python's logging module
versioneer dev-python Easy VCS-based management of project version strings
veusz sci-visualization Qt scientific plotting package with good Postscript output
vidcutter media-video FFmpeg-based simple video cutter & joiner with a modern PyQt5 GUI
vigra media-libs C++ computer vision library emphasizing customizable algorithms and structures
vim app-editors Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
vimball app-arch a command-line vimball archive extractor
vine dev-python Python Promises
vint dev-util Lint tool for Vim script language
virt-manager app-emulation A graphical tool for administering virtual machines
virtualbox app-emulation Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use
virtualenv dev-python Virtual Python Environment builder
virtualenv-clone dev-python A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv
virtualenvwrapper dev-python Set of extensions to Ian Bicking's virtualenv tool
visitor dev-python A tiny pythonic visitor implementation

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