Build with PyPy 2.0 (removed)
Name Category Description
webob dev-python WSGI request and response object
werkzeug dev-python Collection of various utilities for WSGI applications
whisper dev-python Fixed size round-robin style database
whoosh dev-python Fast, pure-Python full text indexing, search and spell checking library
workerpool dev-python Module for distributing jobs to a pool of worker threads
wsgilog dev-python Class for logging in WSGI-applications
wstools dev-python WSDL parsing services package for Web Services for Python
wtforms dev-python Flexible forms validation and rendering library for python web development
xlrd dev-python Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
xlwt dev-python Python library to create spreadsheet files compatible with Excel
yolk dev-python Tool and library for querying PyPI and locally installed Python packages
yolk-portage dev-python Gentoo Portage plugin for yolk

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