Build for Python 3.6 only
Name Category Description
pgadmin4 dev-db GUI administration and development platform for PostgreSQL
photofilmstrip media-video Movie slideshow creator using Ken Burns effect
picard media-sound A cross-platform music tagger
pidgin net-im GTK Instant Messenger client
pitivi media-video A non-linear video editor using the GStreamer multimedia framework
platformio dev-embedded An open source ecosystem for IoT development
plplot sci-libs Multi-language scientific plotting library
pluma app-editors Pluma text editor for the MATE desktop
polybar x11-misc A fast and easy-to-use tool for creating status bars
ponysay games-misc cowsay reimplemention for ponies
postgresql dev-db PostgreSQL RDBMS
protontricks app-emulation app-emulation/winetricks wrapper for Proton (Steam Play) games
ps_mem app-admin A utility to report core memory usage per program
pulseview sci-electronics Qt based logic analyzer GUI for sigrok
pydoc app-vim vim plugin: integrates python documentation view and search tool
pyfa games-util Python Fitting Assistant - a ship fitting application for EVE Online
pyotherside dev-python Asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5
pysolfc games-board An exciting collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games
python-caja dev-python Python bindings for the Caja file manager
pythonprop sci-visualization Scripts to prepare and plot VOACAP propagation predictions

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