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Name Category Description
mcabber net-im A small Jabber console client with various features, like MUC, SSL, PGP
merkaartor sci-geosciences Qt based map editor for the project
php-docs app-doc HTML documentation for PHP
pnm2ppa net-print Print driver for Hp Deskjet 710, 712, 720, 722, 820, 1000 series
postgresql dev-db PostgreSQL RDBMS
psi net-im Qt XMPP client
q4wine app-emulation Qt GUI configuration tool for Wine
qelectrotech sci-electronics Qt5 application to design electric diagrams
queen games-rpg Flight of the Amazon Queen - 2D point-and-click adventure game set in the 1940s
scribus app-office Desktop publishing (DTP) and layout program
seamonkey www-client Seamonkey Web Browser
smplayer media-video Great Qt GUI front-end for mplayer/mpv
soltys games-rpg Classic adventure game
speedcrunch sci-calculators Fast and usable calculator for power users
stellarium sci-astronomy 3D photo-realistic skies in real time
sumwars games-rpg a multi-player, 3D action role-playing game
tanglet games-puzzle Single player word finding game based on Boggle
tesseract app-text An OCR Engine, originally developed at HP, now open source.
texlive app-text A complete TeX distribution
thunderbird mail-client Thunderbird Mail Client

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