Azeri locale
Name Category Description
cinnamon-translations gnome-extra Translation data for Cinnamon
digikam media-gfx Digital photo management application
firefox www-client Firefox Web Browser
firefox-bin www-client Firefox Web Browser
gimp media-gfx GNU Image Manipulation Program
gtk+ x11-libs Gimp ToolKit +
iso-codes app-text ISO language, territory, currency, script codes and their translations
kipi-plugins media-plugins Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
lumina x11-wm Lumina desktop environment
mc app-misc GNU Midnight Commander is a text based file manager
opera www-client A fast and secure web browser
opera-beta www-client A fast and secure web browser
opera-developer www-client A fast and secure web browser
poedit app-i18n GUI gettext translations editor
qpdfview app-text A tabbed document viewer
stellarium sci-astronomy 3D photo-realistic skies in real time

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