Prefer libav over ffmpeg whenever both are supported
Name Category Description
qmmp media-sound Qt5-based audio player with winamp/xmms skins support
qtav media-libs Multimedia playback framework based on Qt + FFmpeg
spek media-sound Analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram
subtitlecomposer media-video Text-based subtitles editor
tracker app-misc A tagging metadata database, search tool and indexer
tracker-miners app-misc Collection of data extractors for Tracker/Nepomuk
tvheadend media-tv Tvheadend is a TV streaming server and digital video recorder
unpaper app-text Post-processor for scanned and photocopied book pages
vdr2jpeg media-video Addon needed for XXV - WWW Admin for the Video Disk Recorder
vice app-emulation The Versatile Commodore Emulator
videotrans media-video A package to convert movies to DVD format and to build DVDs with
vlc media-video Media player and framework with support for most multimedia files and streaming
webcamoid media-video A full featured webcam capture application
wxsvg media-libs C++ library to create, manipulate and render SVG files
x264-encoder media-video A free commandline encoder for X264/AVC streams
xine-lib media-libs Core libraries for Xine movie player
xpra x11-wm X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy
yle-dl media-video Download media files from Yle Areena

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