KERNEL setting for system using the Linux kernel
Name Category Description
ulogd app-admin A userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables related logging
upower sys-power D-Bus abstraction for enumerating power devices, querying history and statistics
usb_modeswitch sys-apps A tool for controlling 'flip flop' (multiple devices) USB gear like UMTS sticks
usbmuxd app-pda USB multiplex daemon for use with Apple iPhone/iPod Touch devices
usbtop sys-process utility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth on USB buses and devices
v4l2loopback media-video v4l2 loopback device which output is it's own input
v4l-dvb-saa716x media-tv driver for saa716x based dvb cards like TT S2-6400 or Skystar 2 eXpress HD
vdr-imonlcd media-plugins VDR Plugin: shows information about the current state of VDR on iMON LCD
vdr-remote media-plugins VDR Plugin: use various devices for controlling vdr (keyboards, lirc, remotes bundled with tv-cards)
vdr-sleeptimer media-plugins VDR Plugin: Sleeptimer
veracrypt app-crypt Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt
vhba sys-fs Virtual (SCSI) Host Bus Adapter kernel module for the CDEmu suite
vinagre net-misc VNC client for the GNOME desktop
virtualbox app-emulation Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use
virtualbox-guest-additions app-emulation VirtualBox kernel modules and user-space tools for Gentoo guests
virtualbox-modules app-emulation Kernel Modules for Virtualbox
vivaldi www-client A browser for our friends
vivaldi-snapshot www-client A browser for our friends
vpnc net-vpn Free client for Cisco VPN routing software
vtun net-vpn Create tunnels over TCP/IP networks with shaping, encryption, and compression

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