Add GNOME support
Name Category Description
totem media-video Media player for GNOME
transmission net-p2p A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client
uim app-i18n A multilingual input method framework
unixODBC dev-db complete ODBC driver manager
valentina media-gfx Cloth patternmaking software
verbiste app-dicts French conjugation system
vice app-emulation The Versatile Commodore Emulator
xdg-utils x11-misc Portland utils for cross-platform/cross-toolkit/cross-desktop interoperability
xfce4-session xfce-base A session manager for the Xfce desktop environment
xine-lib media-libs Core libraries for Xine movie player
xnee x11-misc Program suite to record, replay and distribute user actions
zulucrypt app-crypt Front end to cryptsetup

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