Adds support for media-sound/esound (Enlightened Sound Daemon)
Name Category Description
alsaplayer media-sound A heavily multi-threaded pluggable audio player
audacious-plugins media-plugins Lightweight and versatile audio player
avidemux media-video Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks
enlightenment x11-wm Enlightenment window manager
gkrellmss x11-plugins A plugin for GKrellM2 that has a VU meter and a sound chart
gnome gnome-base Meta package for GNOME, merge this package to install
gst-plugins-meta media-plugins Meta ebuild to pull in gst plugins for apps
icewm x11-wm Ice Window Manager with Themes
libmikmod media-libs A library to play a wide range of module formats
libsdl media-libs Simple Direct Media Layer
libvisual-plugins media-plugins collection of visualization plugins for use with the libvisual framework
madplay media-sound The MAD audio player
mhwaveedit media-sound GTK+ Sound file editor (wav, and a few others.)
mp3blaster media-sound Text console based program for playing audio files
mplayer media-video Media Player for Linux
quodlibet media-sound audio library tagger, manager, and player for GTK+
sawfish x11-wm Extensible window manager using a Lisp-based scripting language
snd media-sound Snd is a sound editor
speech-tools app-accessibility Speech tools for Festival Text to Speech engine
synaesthesia media-sound a nice graphical accompaniment to music

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