ELIBC setting for systems that use the FreeBSD C library
Name Category Description
ant-owanttask dev-java ObjectWeb's Ant tasks
ant-swing dev-java Apache Ant's optional tasks for Swing
ant-testutil dev-java Apache Ant's optional test utility classes
ant-xz dev-java Apache Ant's optional tasks for XZ compression
aopalliance dev-java Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) Alliance classes
apgdiff dev-db A simple PostgreSQL diff tool that is useful for schema upgrades
appframework dev-java Set of Java classes to build desktop applications easily
apple-java-extensions-bin dev-java Apple eAWT and eIO APIs for Java on Mac OS X
apr dev-libs Apache Portable Runtime Library
apt-mirror dev-java Annotation processing apt mirror API introduced in J2SE 5.0
archive-tar-minitar dev-ruby Provides POSIX tarchive management from Ruby programs
ardour media-sound Digital Audio Workstation
arduino dev-embedded An open-source AVR electronics prototyping platform
arduino-listserialportsc dev-embedded Arduino helper library to list serial ports
arel dev-ruby Arel is a Relational Algebra for Ruby
arel-helpers dev-ruby Tools to help construct database queries
argouml dev-util Modelling tool that helps you do your design using UML
args4j dev-java args4j is a Java command line arguments parser
aruba dev-util Cucumber steps for driving out command line applications
ascii85 dev-ruby Methods for encoding/decoding Adobe's binary-to-text encoding of the same name

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