Calculate Linux is 10 years old

Added by Ivan Bulychev almost 2 years ago

10 years ago, on June 6th, 2007 the Calculate Linux project website was opened. Our aim was to find like-minded people, get support and move to a qualitatively new level. The first image of Calculate Linux was distributed as an archive once a month. You needed to download also another archive with a setup program to install the system. Step by step the distribution has grown into something bigger and got recognised in the whole world. We would like to thank all of you who help to develop the project, install the system, support newbies, report bugs.


Something you might want to know about Calculate Utilities 3.5.1

Added by Elena FRISON about 2 years ago

As you might have noticed, Calculate Utilities have been updated recently. A small yet important update.


Calculate Linux Desktop 17 Cinnamon released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 2 years ago

language Russian

Released on Febuary 2, 2017

Meet the new Calculate Linux Desktop with Cinnamon flavour!

Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon (CLDC) features a collection of Gnome 3 applications combined with the [[screenshots|classic CL design]] and the OpenRC init system.

CLDC is the fourth [[cld|Calculate Linux Desktop]] home or corporate environment providing an excellent user experience. We rebranded Cinnamon so as to make it look like a [[user guide|typical Calculate Linux]] desktop, unless it was impossible due to specificities of the environment. When used with Calculate Directory Server, CLDM gets all server settings automatically, without any basic admin intervention whatsoever.


Customizing your desktop with ini.env

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

A couple of months ago, we in Calculate discussed how the ini.env should be processed more efficiently. On the figure below, a real-life implementation of our new approach, adapted from the original Live USB Calculate Linux Desktop MATE 17, is shown:



Calculate Linux 17 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

language Russian

Released on December 30, 2016

We are happy to announce the release of Calculate Linux 17.

Calculate Linux Desktop, featuring either the KDE (CLD), the MATE (CLDM) or the Xfce (CLDX) environment, Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS), Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Scratch Server (CSS), Timeless are all available for download.



New design for Calculate 17

Added by Adrien Duck over 2 years ago

We are happy to announce the completion of a new design for Calculate Linux 17. The last few years, the design changes only in the main versions of the distribution. This time it took almost two years. Therefore, we have made every effort to make a really quality design. You'll see our favorite characters, this time conquering the mountain peaks.
In addition, CLDM MATE upgraded to version 1.16 with the transition to Gtk3 libraries. Migration


Calculate Utilities 3.5 beta released

Added by Elena FRISON over 2 years ago

language Russian

The first beta of Calculate Utilities 3.5 has been made available. The brand new sys-apps/calculate-utils package now features server configuration tools, even though only only basics are supported for the time being, such as database deployment, LDAP server configuration, creating accounts for Unix users, files and configuration backups, etc. We completely rewrote the server utilities. Server templates were moved to the Calculate overlay. Two more USE flags, backup and server, were added to the package, which stand respectively for creating backups and server configuration. Until they have been implemented, the new server features will not be available for Calculate Directory Server. Instead, a transitory solution called Timeless will be released regularly, to be later merged with CDS.


Flash Player 24 available for Firefox (NPAPI)

Added by Adrien Duck over 2 years ago

Now, in =www-plugins/adobe-flash-, there are PPAPI and NPAPI support.
Flash PPAPI is the Pepper Flash API plugin (for Chrome and similar browsers) whereas NPAPI is the Netscape Flash API plugin (for Firefox and similar browsers)

Before this 24 version, the latest version of Flash NPAPI was

Many websites requied a recent version of Flash (more recent than the version 11). Then you have to tinker


We are nine (3 comment)

Added by Elena FRISON almost 3 years ago

Nine years ago, Calculate Linux was born.


Meet CLSL : Calculate linux Scratch with LXQt

Added by Adrien Duck almost 3 years ago

CLSL stands for Calculate Linux Scratch with LXQt, finally made available by the CL team.
You can download and test it as of now.

In this release, we can find a lot of Qt and light apps. It works with 225Mb RAM. You can test it and report bugs on the Calculate issue tool to improve the future CLDL :)

You can download it on the mirror, in both arch (32 and 64bits) :

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